1. INOKIM implements national policies related to three packs: Those that meet the conditions of the product warranty, free maintenance, as well as replacement and a return service. In addition to postal and transport costs, customers receive a warranty for service free of charge.
  1. If customers experience quality issues due to proven failure of the INOKIM within 7 days after purchase, they are entitled to return, replace the product or receive free repair.
  2. If quality problems arise due to proven failure of the INOKIM within 15 days of purchase, customers are entitled to free replacement.
  3. If quality problems arise due to proven failure of the INOKIM after 1 year of purchase, customers are guaranteed free service.
  1. Service process:

Our innovative, micro-channel self-sale system allows us to reach users via their contact information in the shortest time possible, thereby guaranteeing them the most prompt service.

INOKIM owners facing quality problems may first contact their regional customer service network (400-877-6060) for consultation and to verify and then determine whether their vehicle needs depot repair. For depot repair, a valid invoice or warranty card is required. In order to benefit from free service, the serial on the warranty vehicle body must match.

To benefit from free product maintenance, such as repairs to parts, also requires that customers provide corresponding serial numbers of the vehicle and warranty.. They also need to show the warranty start date, which appears on the invoice. If customers cannot produce proof of their warranty start date, the factory date will suffice. The customer and not the service is responsible for maintenance of non-vehicular car kits and other accessories, such as lights.

  1. The following situations are not considered quality issues therefore do not fall within the INOKIM warranty, hence agents providing maintenance services can do so for a fee:


  1. The failure is not in accordance with the instruction manual.
  2. Normal wear and tear, accident, abuse, neglect of care, improper assembly, or the use of unsuitable parts.
  3. Repair, replacement or modification of the Company’s original parts by unauthorized service outlets.
  4. The free repair warranty does not apply to the natural wear and tear of parts from normal use, such as: frames, tires, inner tubes, brake pads, brake components, soft handles and plastic accessories.
  5. Wear and tear that results in vehicle failure or damage to parts due to lack of in-time replacements or proper maintenance.
  6. Tire puncture or impact due to foreign objects causing a flat tire (or tires).
  7. Valid invoice, warranty card and car models were inconsistent or altered.
  8. Damage caused by overload, riding over obstacles (including, but not limited to, going down stairs, falling, etc.), extreme sports, and the like.
  9. Damage caused by natural causes (such as: fire, earthquake, lightning, water damage, etc.).
  10. Damage that occurs beyond the warranty date.

The final interpretation of the above is resides with Ningbo Myway Machinery Co., Ltd.

How do I pay?




Option 1. Credit card Via Pay-pal, No Pay-pal account is needed

Option 2. BACS bank tansfer

What is your delivery time?

7-10 day dispatch (Stock permitting) Normally you will receive your purchase the next working day after dispatch. If we have stock shortages we will try to advise you via our website.

With our E-Bikes our stock is selling very fast and we like to be able to adjust our orders for you as (Individual – bespoke) and as such orders for you may take up to 8 weeks as they are manufactured to your own spec.



Do you ship to other countries?


Yes we do – Just contact us first for a shipping quotation giving you address details.

How long are my purchases guaranteed for?


  SOBOWO Q7 2016 New Model 500W 750W 1000W Motor electric bicycle

Frame 3yrs

Lithium battery: 18 months
E-bike motor: 24 months
Other electronic parts controller, charger: 12 months

Segway boards

The Board is guaranteed for Three months from date of purchase but most will last several years. We can not take any responsibility for damaged boards caused by miss use of the product. EG crashing.

The more you crash the more likely there will be a fault,  please learn slowly take your time to really get to grips with your new segboard and take care of your new expensive equipment. NEVER ride in wet conditions.

1) Warranty: 3 months for battery in the scooter, 6 months for motor

If there are any problems with our product, you can request returning or
refunding within 7 days after receiving the items. Please email us first before returning or opening a dispute, we will try our
best to help you. Thank you!

2) All the items must be returned in their original condition or we will refuse to make a refund.

3) We arrange our courier to collect returns but if the fault if found to be user created EG crashing the courier fee of £20 would need to be paid before the board is returned to you.


Do I need to charge it when it arrives?

Please read the instructions for your product for charging. Never OVER charge

Protective wear?


Cycle wear

All cycle wear is recommended when riding any e-bike or scooter

We recommend using a protective helmet and knee pads (skateboard type) at all times as falls can happen!

We strongly recommend that children are supervised at all times when near roads.



What happens if there is a fault?



Just contact us and we will be happy to have your product returned to us. (Normal wear and tear only) WE must arrange the shipping on your behalf. Please do not just send us a product back and ask us to settle the shipping. Our rates are low as we deal with many items.


What do I do if there is a problem with my order?


Just email us we will do everything we can to resolve any issues you have via email or phone.

Product Liability


We provide what we believe to be the best quality products available on the market at this time.

Please ride carefully and responsibly.

We accept no Product liability.

Our warranties cover Faults that can occur from time to time but not user created faults which can occur from crashing.

Please wear protective pads and helmets and other protective wear as needed for the product purchased

If you fall off one of our  products and injure yourself we accept no liability.

If you have purchased a segboard board or e-bike  for a child and intend letting them ride it, please remember to supervise at all times or until you are 100% confident in their abilities to control the board.

Choose carefully where you ride as some areas are not safe also be aware of local laws –  e-bikes of 1000w power are not legal for road use and you may need to ask a land owner for permissions.


Segboards are intended to be ridden on flat surfaces and should not be treated like a kick scooter or skateboard. They have complicated electronics inside and are primarily used to transport you on flat dry surfaces. They are not suitable for ramps or High impact sporting.

We sell







Place an order for UK delivery

Please note the personal balancing scooter segboard may not be fit for children under 18 years of age. The batteries are 36V/42v and the safty limit for children’s electrical toys are 24V in the UK

Personal safety equipment should be used at all times whist on board. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Protective headgear (helmet)
  • Elbow and knee pads
  • Shoes at all times

Our boards are designed for recreational use indoors and on flat surfaces outdoors.

The segboard is not permitted to be used on public roads and footpaths (UK LAW) but you may see people riding them.

Our Boards can  go up to 12km/h depending upon riders weight and the surface of the ground. Heavier riders will typically cause your board to move more slowly and travel less distance.

Riders should weigh a minimum of 20kg and a maximum of 100kg. Riders with weights outside of these limits may cause the board to break or become unsafe.

A rider under 40kg may cause board to become unbalanced and the gyroscopes to work ineffectively.

We want you to have a great time with your amazing segboard – but we want you also to be SAFE!

We now supply only UK safe fused plugs with all our segboards. For older boards purchased we are sending out replacement charger plugs and leads, if you didn’t recieve one yet please contact us and we will dispatch one next day.

Thank you for choosing

Segboard Shop

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